A mother-of-two from Illinois was given the fright of a lifetime when she thought she saw a the ghost of baby sleeping next to her son in his crib on a monitor, only to discover the truth the following day ¿ realizing her husband was to blame
Pictured: This is the man police are looking to speak for after CCTV cameras captured a thief swiping a bag
Austin Hardman died when a sugar snap pea became lodged in his vocal cord
Billy Nixon, 48, (centre) was fishing with his son Reece, 14, (left)  in the canal in South Yorkshire when the pair found the rusty barrel of a World War One Vickers machine gun
Raw organic vegetables. Organic bread was the worst green house gas emitter as it produced a much lower yield while the difference in emissions for conventionally farmed and organic vegetables was small (stock image)
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