Mr Men book caught up in sexism row after student, 24, accuses Mr Clever of ‘mansplaining’

Mr Men book caught up in sexism row after student, 24, accuses Mr Clever of ‘mansplaining’ to Little Miss Curious

  • Shelby Judge, 24, said she was angered by the book in Stirling Castle gift shop
  • In the story Mr Clever explains the Forth Bridge to Little Miss Curious
  • Mrs Judge, who was with husband Tom, has accused the book of ‘mansplaining’ 

With a name like Mr Men, it was only a matter of time before the much-loved series of children’s books would be accused of sexism.

And that is indeed what has happened, with the offending book – Mr Men in Scotland – prompting accusations of ‘mansplaining’.

Student Shelby Judge, 24, was angered by a scene in which Mr Clever and Little Miss Curious discuss the Forth Bridge. It reads: ‘Mr Clever explained that it was named after the River Forth. Little Miss Curious thought for a moment. “So what happened to the River First, the River Second and the River Third?” she asked. 

Student Shelby Judge, 24, has accused Mr Clever, left, of ‘mansplaining’ to Little Miss Curious, right, after he told her about the Forth bridge. Mrs Judge spotted the book while in Stirling castle gift shop

Mr Clever sighed. It was going to be a very long day.’ Mrs Judge spotted the book in Stirling Castle’s gift shop on November 12 when she visited with husband Tom. 

She said: ‘The Mr Men books are intended for children and it’s telling them “girls, you need to be stupid and men, it’s your job to explain things”.’

Mrs Judge, who has studied feminist issues and lives in Glasgow, shared a picture of the book on social media with the caption ‘Mr Mansplain’.

Egmont UK, the publisher of the Mr Men books, said: ‘In Mr Men Scotland, the many Mr Men and Little Miss characters in the book get up to their usual antics. The book is a celebration of Scotland and its unique heritage sites.’

Author Roger Hargreaves began publishing Mr Men books in the 1970s, with Little Miss books appearing in the 1980s. After Hargreaves’ death in 1988, his son Adam began creating new Mr Men and Little Miss stories. The books have sold more than 100million copies worldwide.