SEO Optimization of the Internal Pages

Experienced SEOs know everything even without my articles and maybe somebody will not agree with me concerning methods of promoting and optimizing of the site pages. I’m trying to explain the basics for beginners of SEO and website promotion.

First of all, Title, description and keywords. Suppose you have a paper to sharpen, as the article under inquiry “SEO optimized pages”. What we need to do next? In Title we create an insert – “SEO optimized pages”, in description – “Basics of SEO optimization of internal pages of your site – lessons for beginners SEOs”, in the keywords – “SEO, optimization, page, site”. I hope everything is clear and at the example of this page you can continue to optimize your site for any query. But however it’s not all.

We should also include the important words into tags H1 or H2 of our inquiry in the text of the page.

Further, it is desirable to mark in bold our search query in the text. As you can see I have already marked some of the words in the article with tag strong – it is bold.

It is also very important to use illustrations on their pages, in other words, pictures. And titles of images also need to put your search query for that page.

And finally. On this issue there is no specific hard patterns and various webmasters can use thir imagination and experience. But I believe that the density of a key request in the text should not exceed 6-7%. In my opinion the best should be 5%. This means that in 100 words of text your request appears 5 times, in 200 words of text – 10 times and so on.

I hope now it will not be difficult for you to optimize your internal site pages for specific SEO requirements. And you will soon become a true SEO optimizer. Every SEO company uses this method.