Do you think I DESERVE to have incurable lung cancer?

When I first tell people I have terminal lung cancer, I’m usually met by one of three responses. Most commonly, it’s a concerned tilt of the head and a ‘stay positive’ soundbite. Others offer a potted history of an old aunt’s tussle with the disease….

DR ELLIE CANNON: Does my cholesterol mean I need statins?

I had a cholesterol blood test and my results were: 6 total cholesterol, 4 good cholesterol and 2.1 for the bad type. What does this mean? Should I consider statins? I am a 67-year-old woman. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that accumulates in the arteries,…

Why we should all be a bit more NARCISSISTIC

Want  to know a secret of human psychology that no one ever tells you? Confidence doesn’t exist. It’s a revelation that often blows the minds of my patients gearing themselves up for that important job interview or nerve-racking speech. Confidence is an abstract construct that…

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